fixes start configuration
Undo unsafe:
All moves that were not forced are taken back
Load puzzle:
loads start configuration from text area (copy start as text into textarea: '.' signals unknown digit = empty field, '1'-'9' are for the given digits; all other characters and newlines are ignored)
forced moves or alternative moves, from which ruling-outs follow, get underlined
does a forced move or forced ruling out

left mouse-button:
choose digit
right mouse-button:
rule-out digit (or allow again)
middle mouse-button:
undo move or ruling out

red digit:
force move (only possibility in field, block, row or column)
blue digit:
only 2 possibilities in block left (hint for possible pair, X-Wing, ...)
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Sudoku Assistant, V2.1 (Jan 10, 2006)
(c) 2005-2006 Wolfgang Stöcher